Tuesday, February 25, 2020

CACC Culinary Arts Product List - Updated - 2-25-20

School/Kitchen is closed on
Memorial Day 9/2/19                                                               
Teacher Meetings 9/30/19, 10/31/19, 11/1/19, &; 11/15/19    
Thanksgiving Break 11/27-12/1/19                                                            
Early Release 10/23/19 &; 12/4/19                                                               
Holiday Break 12/21/1--1/5/20                                               
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 1/20/20   
Early Release 1/29/20 &; 4/22/20  

Teacher Meetings 2/14/20,  2/28/20, & 3/11/20      
Presidents Day 2/17/20 
Global Village 3/13/20
Spring Break 3/214-3/29/20
State Contest 4/2-4/4/20
Last day of school 5/27/20 (Half Day)
 - e-mail for availability over summer

All products vacuum sealed and frozen unless otherwise stated
Available in CACC Culinary Kitchen school days 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Extended hours on special sales days

GF=Gluten Free          DF=Dairy Free          V with/Egg=Vegetarian Item with Egg          V with/Dairy=Vegetarian Item with Dairy          VE=Vegan Item

New Items

Mardi Gras Items
Chicken and Andouille Gumbo          $8.00/ Qt (container)
Shrimp Etouffée                                $10.00/Qt (container)
Maque Choux                                    $8.00/Qt (container) GF V with/Dairy
Eggplant and Zucchini Etouffée          $6.00/Qt (container) VE

Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce     $6.00/Qt (Take and Bake Pan) V with/Dairy/Egg

Sausage: (All made with local meat)
Cajun Boudin Blanc                           $6.50/lb GF DF
Mexican Chorizo                               $6.50/lb GF
Bratwurst                                          $6.50/lb GF DF
Italian Sausage                                   $6.50/lb GF
Andouille                                          $6.50/lb GF
Bulk Raw Italian                                $5.50/lb (bulk bag pack) GF
Hot Links                                          $6.50/lb GF

Meats:  (All local meat)
Pulled Pork (lightly sauced)               $7.00/lb (bulk bag pack) GF DF
Tasso Ham                                        $6.50/lb GF DF

Porchetta                                           $8.00/lb GF DF
(Large Italian Pork Roast - cooked pick up available - call for more info)
Guanciale                                          $15.00/lb bulk GF DF

Tomato Bisque                                  $3.00/pt(container) V with/Dairy
3C's (Carrot, Coconut, Curry)             $3.50/pt (container) GF DF VE
Chicken Noodle Soup                        $3.50/pt(container)
Loaded Chili                                      $3.50/pt (container)
Pork Green Chili                                $4.00/pt (container) GF
Broccoli Cheddar                               $3.50/pt(container)

Southwest Black Bean                       $3.50/pt(container) GF DF
Stuffed Pepper Soup                          $3.00p/pt(container) DF GF

Brown Gravy                                     $5.00/Qt (container)
Fire Hot Sauce                                   $5/btl V GF
Fire Roasted Red Pepper Sauce           $2.00/cup GF VE 

White Chicken Stock                          $3.50/Qt(container) GF DF
Brown Chicken Stock                         $3.50/Qt(container) GF DF
100% Local Chicken Bone Broth                 $7.00/Qt (container) GFDF
White Vegetable Stock                        $4.00/Qt(container) GF VE
Brown Vegetable Stock                      $4.00/Qt(container) GF VE
Seafood Stock (Lobster, Shrimp, Fish)           $7.00/Qt (container) GF DF
Chicken Demi-Glace                          $10.00/lb no roux GF DF
Veal Demi-Glace                                $12.50 ½ lb container (reduction, no roux) GF DF


Please make checks payable to C.P.S. - Please write CACC Culinary in memo section – Credit Cards Also Accepted
www.CACCculinary.com for more info