Thursday, November 17, 2022

CACC Culinary Arts Product List - Updated - 11-17-22

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Kitchen open for product pick up 8:00 to 3:00 on school days. As stated above, there will be limited product production until the implementation of Culinary 3 the 22-23 school year. - Click directions tab in page for directions to the kitchen.

Check is preferred. You can also pay with cash or credit card. We can take credit cards, however because of a change in vendor, there will be a fee with each transaction ($1 for under $15.00, $2 for $15-$40, and 3.99% for anything above $40).

School/Kitchen is closed on - please check with kitchen for days that move each year
Memorial Day                   
Thanksgiving Break                                                  
Holiday Break                                         
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
Presidents Day
Global Village
Spring Break 
SkillsUSA State Contest
Please check CPS calendar for other teacher workdays


All products vacuum sealed and frozen unless otherwise stated

Available in CACC Culinary Kitchen school days 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Extended hours on special sales days


GF=Gluten Free          DF=Dairy Free          V with/Egg=Vegetarian Item with Egg          V with/Dairy=Vegetarian Item with Dairy          VE=Vegan Item


Extra Thanksgiving Items

Andouille Stuffing                             $7.00/lb

Cream of Mushroom Soup

      with Fried Onions                        $7.00/Qt V with Dairy

Turkey Pot Pie                                   $5.00/each (6” individual)       



Mardi Gras Items

Eggplant and Zucchini Etouffée          $6.00/Qt (container) VE

Gluten Free Gumbo Z’herbs               $7.00/Qt (container) GF VE

Chicken and Andouille Gumbo          $4.00/ pt (container)


Sausage: (All made with local meat)

Bratwurst                                          $7.50/lb GF DF

Italian Sausage                                   $7.50/lb GF

Bulk Raw Italian Sausage                  $6.50/lb (bulk bag pack) GF

Bulk Raw Breakfast Sausage              $6.50/lb (bulk bag pack) GF DF

Cajun Boudin Blanc                           $7.50/lb GF DF

Andouille Sausage                             $7.50/lb GF



Pulled Pork (lightly sauced)               $7.50/lb (bulk bag pack) GF DF


Tasso Ham                                        $7.50/lb GF DF

Pancetta                                            $15.00/lb bulk GF DF


Chicken Noodle Soup                        $3.50/pt(container) DF

Broccoli Cheddar                               $3.50/pt(container)

Loaded Chili                                      $3.50/pt (container) DF

Corn Chowder                                   $3.50/pt (container)

Southwest Black Bean                       $3.50/pt(container) GF DF

White Bean and Sausage Stew            $3.50/pt (container) GF

Cauliflower Bisque                             $3.00/pt(container) GF VE 

Chicken Tortilla Soup                       $3.50/pt (container) GF DF

3C's (Carrot, Coconut, Curry)             $3.50/pt (container) GF DF VE

Spiced Smoked Sweet Potato Soup     $3.00/pt (container) GF V with/Dairy

Tomato Bisque                                  $3.50/pt(container) V with/Dairy

Hungarian Mushroom Soup               $3.50/pt(container) V with/Dairy




100% Local Chicken Bone Broth                 $7.00/Qt (container) GFDF

Brown Chicken Stock                         $3.50/Qt(container) GF DF

White Chicken Stock                          $3.50/Qt(container) GF DF





New or Only 2022 Run Item (when it’s gone, it’s gone)


Please make checks payable to C.P.S. - Please write CACC Culinary in memo section – Credit Cards Also Accepted for more info