Directions to CACC Culinary Kitchen

Directions to Culinary Arts Advanced Kitchen - General and Special Sales

Columbia Area Career Center
Culinary Arts Kitchen

Kitchen is open from 8:00 to 3:30 during normal school days, check with chefs for other extended times.
Columbia Area Career Center (North of Rock Bridge High School)
4203 Providence Rd, Columbia, MO  65203
Take the access road between Angelo's Square and Career Center (North Side of Career Center)
The kitchen loading zone is about 300 yards from the entrance across from the greenhouses, next to the milk crate garden

Special Event Sales
Check for sign on North Entrance 3 for door being unlocked or door directly into kitchen being unlocked.(screen door does not have handle)

Normal Product Sales
Park in kitchen loading zone, parking lot across from milk crate garden, or in lot by baseball field.
Enter through North Entrance 2 to the west of the garden. Push buzzer to right of doors and let attendant know you are there to purchase products from culinary. Walk down hallway to ramp, take left, take another left after ramp to 172 at end of lockers on right.

Advanced Culinary Arts Kitchen  - Room 172

Call 573-214-3158 for more information and/or directions

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